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Memphis Child Support Enforcement Attorney


Unless the parents make roughly the same amount of money and have approximately equal custody time with the children, one parent will pay child support to the other. Generally, the parent who does not have the children most, called the alternate residential parent, pays child support to the parent who is the primary residential parent.


Tennessee has adopted an income shares model for calculating child support. Parents in Tennessee must use the child support guidelines to help determine how much support they will pay or receive. The guidelines take many different factors into account, but are generally based on the parents' gross incomes.  Things such as daycare expenses and health insurance costs are factors to be considered in calculating child support.


Documentation such as tax records and payroll stubs must be provided to correctly calculate the amount of child support. Although there are many factors to be considered in calculating child support, you can obtain a rough estimate by following the link below:


Child Support Estimate


It can be overwhelming to try and calculate the child support amount on your own — especially when so many factors go into getting it exactly right. At Rasberry Family Law Group we take on this responsibility for our clients. Our Tennessee law firm represents parents who need child support matters determined as part of a divorce,  paternity or child custody proceedings. In addition, we help clients reduce the amount of child support based on a change in income, parenting time or other factors.  We are also experienced in the enforcement of existing child support orders through the contempt powers of the court.


Child Support and Visitation


How does my parenting schedule affect the amount of child support I pay?

This is a question frequently heard from our clients. The Tennessee child support guidelines factor in the amount of time a parent spends with the child.  The more time a parent spends with a child, the more "visitation credit" that parent receives when calculating the amount of child support. This credit for the amount of overnight visitation handled by the alternate residential parent can change the amount of child support. This is frequently a factor when parents are determining child custody and visitation.


When you hire us to handle your child support case, we take all factors into account to make sure  you are paying or receiving the correct amount. We work at implementing successful legal strategies, such as making sure the amount of parenting time you receive fits your particular situation.


Memphis Child Support Enforcement and Modification


When circumstances change, Tennessee child support orders can be modified. Additionally, they can be enforced when either parent fails to live up to his or her child support obligation. If you would like a child support order changed or enforced, talking to Rasberry Family Law Group can help you understand your options.


We serve clients in Germantown, Millington, Cordova, Bartlett, Collierville, Shelby County, Fayette County & Tipton County.


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