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At Rasberry Family Law Group we care about our clients. We pride ourselves on the personal attention we give to each of our clients. We completely devote ourselves to each client, leaving them invested in the outcome. Rely on Rasberry Family Law Group, P.C. to protect your interests and those of your family in the Tennessee court system. Get help with your Memphis contempt of court problems.

Know Your Rights in a Contempt of Court Case

Contempt proceedings become necessary when one of the parties is not complying with a court order. Such violations might include financial violations (failure to pay support, uninsured medicals, tuition or other related items), failure to transfer assets or title to assets, denial of parenting time and harassment, to name a few. Contempt proceedings are quasi criminal proceedings, meaning that someone found in contempt of court can be sentenced to jail and to pay a fine. In certain cases, the violator can also be ordered to pay lawyer fees. Many cases are unfortunately characterized by ongoing violations of court orders.


We serve clients in Germantown, Millington, Cordova, Bartlett, Collierville, Shelby County, Fayette County & Tipton County.

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To learn more about the law on Contempt of Court in Tennessee, schedule a free and confidential thirty-minute consultation at our conveniently located office in Memphis, Tennessee. Call us at 901-567-7215, or by email at

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